Huge thanks to all of you who have been my customers over the years. Without you my business would not be what it is today. Here is what some of you have said about the silks you have received from me. My heartfelt appreciation to you.

(51) Ancient Wisdom -silk painting fionastolzeTo experience exquisite art from human history, we love to visit art galleries and museums to catch a glimpse of pure genius, have our spirit uplifted and feel pure inspiration from the masters expression of art. The artwork that Fiona Stolze produces takes me back to the great art of antiquities in its beauty and presence. I could not recommend her work high enough. It is so very special.

Nichola Burton, Queensland, Australia

We were in the design phase of remodeling our lakehouse on Weiss Lake, Alabama when I spotted this extraordinary ceiling in a furniture advertisment from a French manufacturer. It was handpainted and from the style I would call Indochine. It was like something you would see in a temple with bright colors and intricate patterns.

My husband fell in love with it. I called the marketing executive of the furniture company and learned that the set was an old mansion in New York and they were not sure who the artist was. So began the search, to find my husband’s perfect ceiling.

silk mandala art fionastolze

Coffer ceiling – mandala silk art by Fiona Stolze

Designing and building the custom wood coffered ceiling turned out to be the easy part – finding the right artist for the finishing was the real challenge. I called and spoke to many people, no one could really get my vision. I turned to researching on the Internet for an answer. I looked at old Asian temples and started to see some really incredible mandalas on the ceilings and floors. I thought that is it – if I could only find a ceiling tile that had that kind of design on it. Searching for mandala art, I came across a web site – Silk & Art – and there they were – the perfect solution. Fiona’s mandalas were exactly what we were looking for – bright, colorful, and intense. I contacted Fiona via email and explained what I was trying to achieve and she was right on board. Everything was handled and soon the mandalas arrived in the States. As you can see in the photos, the ceiling turned out fabulous. My husband and I love waking up and seeing our ceiling every day!

Rebecca Watson, Alabama

Heart chakra mandala silk painting fionastolzeI received my order…totally exceeded my expectation!!!…simply gorgeous!!!…all three pieces were truly amazing. You are very talented!!!

Love and light,

Concetta Francisco, USA

jade batik silk scarf fionastolzeThank you so much, Fiona, for such an incredibly lovely scarf/wrap. The hand-dyed colors are beautiful and I will get a lot of use out of it, especially in the spring and summer as I wear those colors a lot in those months. … Thanks for such wonderful customer service too, with all your updates as to the status of it. You are a talented dyer and I want to thank you for everything!

Jade Murasaki, USA

These cards are BREATHTAKING! I bought them to frame, but they would make a huge impression on anyone you chose to send them too. lovelovelove! – P.D.

Such a lovely item. I don’t even know where to begin. Fiona is so kind (and speedy) in her communication. She’s also a true artist in so many senses of the word. I adore my silk hanging and immediately put it up in a place of honor in my home. Words can’t express how much this piece means to me, and it was a true delight in the turn of fate’s hand to find it (as well as the entire silkandart store) here on Etsy. I will smile and be thankful each time I walk by this beautiful, reverent miniature treasure. With sincere appreciation to you, Fiona!

Marilyn Jean

mandala 3I’ve been enchanted with Fiona’s work since I first encountered it. I was searching for inspiration while making my first attempts to paint on silk and Fiona’s mastery of depth, intricacy, and uplifting design continue to inspire. She demonstrates impeccable attention to detail, form, and color. I just ordered a 12-pack of cards and am relishing the gasps of delight they will bring to the friends and family who’ll receive them! Of course, I may have to keep a few for my own enjoyment….

Theta Michele Drivon, USA

Thanks to Fiona Stolze from Silk & Art for creating these beautiful, luxurious hand painted silk scarves. They are cool, and soft to the skin, and your artwork is energizing. It feels wonderful to wear your creations….it is wearable art and great colour therapy. Your gemstones collection is amazing! I adore the intricacy of colour and detail of the emerald inspired scarf, and the pinks in the orange scarf blend beautifully. They arrived from England to Australia quickly and were beautifully presented. My Mum loves her aquamarine inspired scarves too. Thank you so much for your creativity ♥ ♥

Ingrid Lee, Australia

I have recently spent a lovely centred and creative day learning to paint on silk with Fiona. I would highly recommend it. There is no need to have any previous experience as Fiona is both a passionate and intuitive teacher and I take this opportunity once again to thank her for passing on her wisdom.

Jenny Vestey, England

I had the great pleasure of meeting Fiona and attending one of her workshops last year which was so inspiring and has encouraged me into the wonderful and magical art of silk painting. Fiona is an excellent tutor as she has great patience and the ability to make you feel whatever you do is brilliant and will always find good points as well as giving constructive ideas. Her own work is outstanding and the use of colour and how it relates to you and your feelings is explained in a simple manner. I would recommend Fiona to anyone who wants to learn and explore this creative art whether beginner or expert.

Penny Lawrence, England

Hi Fiona, I want to thank you so much for the beautiful scarf you made for Melanie to give to me for Mothers Day. You are quite the artist and your work is just beautiful. You have the greatest gift and I’m so happy to see your work along with your connection with Melanie. Lots of luck with your art and take care. Thanks again!

Patricia LaChance, Florida

Mandala Oracle Deck:

mandala oracle deck testimonialThey have arrived!!! I love them Fiona Stolze Silk & Art They are incredible!!!! Thankyou so much, and congratulations on an amazing deck!!! <3

Mel Ferguson, UK

The lovely Mandala Oracle Cards arrived in the post in Sydney Australia today from the UK. Very speedy delivery. Thanks Fiona! I have done some readings with the cards already & they are wonderful. Love the artwork, truly amazing & quite mesmerising. Have downloaded the card meaning booklet as well & love the messages in them.

Regards Lynn Boyle, Australia

I bought these cards last week. I love them! … Fabulous mandalas created through silk painting. For all my oracle card collecting friends, this is a must have pack. They are gorgeous! Thank you for creating them Fiona x

Kama J Frankling, UK

I am so excited!! I received my cards in the mail today and they are absolutely beautiful. Strangely, I feel so much energy from them. I immediately picked a card for myself and it’s New Growth. I haven’t downloaded the booklet yet, but I am so elated because those two words, that are meant for me, have so much power and meaning. Thanks Fiona!!!! Much love

Sue Sullivan, California USA

Fiona, I received my “A Sea of Calm” oracle deck today and was overcome w/deep gratitude and emotion. The vibrancy of your colours and astonishingly complex designs seemed to move me up a notch w/the Universe today just by looking through all of the cards. They are so stunning and powerful. I can’t wait to start using them! Thank you so much!!

Karen Lisle



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  1. Lynn Boyle

    The lovely Mandala Oracle Cards arrived in the post in Sydney Australia today from the UK. Very speedy delivery. Thanks Fiona! I have done some readings with the cards already & they are wonderful. Love the artwork, truly amazing & quite mesmerising. Have downloaded the card meaning booklet as well & love the messages in them. regards Lynn

  2. Fiona Post author

    So lovely to hear that Lynn. And wonderful that they reached you so fast. Wishing you lots of joy with them. x

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