Silk Painting Salt Effect with Rainbow Colours

Preparing frameToday I had fun again playing with the salt effect. Yesterday I  sold a really vibrant scarf I painted a few days ago and since it was so popular, I have decided to keep on offering it as a made-to-order piece. Each one, of course, turns out very differently, depending on the colours I use, the pattern I paint on the silk and the way the salts react with the dyes as well as how long I leave the salt on. That makes each one still a one-of-a-kind which is lovely.

So today I mixed several pots of dye and chose some brushes to create the next one. The effect salts I use are not edible and can be bought in bags from hobby and craft stores that sell silk painting supplies.

It was fun to get started painting all the vibrant colours on the silk. They really glisten while they are wet.

When all the silk was covered with the rainbow colours, I began to sprinkle effect salts copiously onto the silk.


As the patterning of the salt began to emerge, I continued adding details with smaller brushes, massaging in some new tones, until I had the look I wanted.

I’ve just taken off the salts and the silk is now almost dry. I’ll be able to roll it up in paper tomorrow and give it a 3 hour steam bath to fix the dyes.


I must admit, I’m really pleased with the results this time. And when the steaming is finished, the silk will take on a really translucent look making the colours even more vibrant. I’ll be sharing the finished piece with you very soon. Thanks for watching.

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