Vintage Turquoise Hand Painted Side Table with Shibori Silk Panel


This beautiful vintage hand painted table is perfect as a side table for tea and sandwiches. You can also showcase it as a display table for flowers, ornaments, or candles.

This is the story of how I made it: I sanded this lovely vintage table down and gave it two undercoats of white. The legs and top frame received two top coats of cream acrylic paint. I painted various shades of blue and turquoise around the top edge where the top panel was to be attached. Afterwards I dry-brushed some gold on top of the turquoise. The wood has a lovely intricate carved pattern all around the top.

I had created a silk shibori panel some time before and now used this to finish the table top. The shibori silk panel was made by sewing concentric circles of thread on the silk and then pulling them tight before adding dye to the silk. I then steamed the piece to fixed the colours before removing the threads to reveal an intricate, delicate shibori pattern.

This panel was then attached carefully to a board and then varnished 5 times to make it light and water resistant. I then varnished the whole wooden table frame before inserting the shibori panel.

The finished piece is a real one-of-a-kind which can stand on its own as a statement piece.




Vintage Turquoise Hand Painted Table with Silk Shibori Top Panel




Wood, Acrylic Paint, Silk Shibori, Hardwood Panel, Varnish








Turquoise and white table top; light cream legs


2.6kg + 2kg packaging


Mainland UK flat rate: 8 GBP - please request a quote for all other destinations

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