Silk Painting DVD: How to Create a Mandala on Silk

Silk Painting DVD

This dvd is an instructional dvd I created showing you step by step how to create a mandala on silk. The first part of the dvd gives you detailed information about the different materials you can use and the second part shows you step by step how I actually paint the mandala.

The second photo in this listing is of a segment of the mandala I show you how to paint in the video.

It runs for 80 minutes. This video recording was produced in my home and not in a professional studio.

Following this link will take you to a promo video I made for it:

As this is a home production, please listen to it on your PC/laptop as many dvd players only play mass produced ones. Also I would advise you to use headphones to maximise the sound quality.

This is not a download. It is a physical dvd.

If you have any questions at all about this product, please ask and I’d be happy to help.



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