Satin and Chiffon Silk Wrap – the Epitome of Luxury

Silk and chiffon silk shawl

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Drape yourself in delicious satin and chiffon silk for that complete experience of luxury. The satin with its rich sheen and feel, and the chiffon – sheer and weightless. An absolute delight to wear.

And  what a gorgeous mix of pinks and fuchsias.

This extra large cut is so versatile, allowing you to fold, hang and drape the silk any way you choose depending on what you are wearing with it.

The model you see in these photos measures approx. 55cm x 200cm (22″ x 80″). The body of the wrap is made from chiffon and the all-round edging is made of silk satin.

This beautiful patterning has been created using the batik technique. The base layer was painted with brushes and dyes. The pattern was applied using soya wax with an Indonesian tjanting. Next a layer of dyes was painted over the top before the fabric was steamed for 3 hours to fix the dyes permanently in the fabric. The soya wax is water soluble and environmentally friendly and washes out without drycleaning.

Please treat this lovely silk with lots of tender love and care and this will ensure that you have pleasure wearing it for many years to come.

And here’s how: hand wash your silk scarf very gently in warm soapy water using a mild shampoo. Rinse until the water is clear, roll in a towel to absorb excess dampness. Iron from the reverse with a medium hot iron. Make sure that you only use a very clean iron.

All Silk & Art silk gifts come to you gift wrapped in luxurious white tissue paper and a gorgeous fuchsia satin ribbon.



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