Rainbow Silks – Delicious Colour Therapy Adorning Your Body

Update 2020: I’m developing some online silk painting classes for launch this summer. See below for more details.

It’s such a delight to paint gorgeous rainbow colours and as I was tidying up my Etsy shop, I realised I have 4 different rainbow silk designs to brighten up your day.  What better than to showcase them all in one post side by side.

Here’s the first one that I created – a medley of beautiful rainbow colours juxtaposed amidst a swirl of salt effect design. This has been a real favourite.

Rainbow scarf

The next one was a follow on from the first, as I realised that it would look lovely to create a silk with the rainbow colours following each other in true rainbow fashion – also with pretty salt effects.

Rainbow silk fionastolze

Next came a twist and turn silk scarf with the rainbow colours. This model has lots of white shimmering through from the background, adding a new dimension to it.

Rainbow scarf 1

And the fourth one in this collection was painted on sweet, delicate silk chiffon with the colours running across the fabric in rainbow style. Again, this one has some pretty salt effects on it.


I love seeing all this vibrant colour in one spot, Really explosive and so uplifting. And it’s inspiring me to continue creating more gorgeous rainbow silks for you.

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