A Cosmic Burst of Colour – Rainbows on Silk

I love it when I get orders to create rainbow scarves and this week was no exception. The lovel thing about it is that I get such a shower of colour therapy in the process.

Since I’ve just been getting over a heavy cold, this was just the perfect thing to be working on.  But I so fell in love with the finished piece, that I decided to create another of my animated slideshows set to music with it and that’s what I’m sharing here with you on this page. Just click on the video screen to watch:

Whenever I take a completed silk out of its 3 hour steam bath, I’m always blown away by the sheer vibrancy of the colours. I love how it lies there, basking in the glory of its own splendour.

fionastolze silkandart rainbow silk scarf hand painted silk shawl silk wrap

This has inspired me to make one or two more along these lines on the very heavy charmeuse silk scarves I have. Charmeuse is a beautiful mix of gorgeous satin silk on the top and a crepe de chine underlayer to give it a softness.

So watch this space for what I do next. Or why not contact me to see how we can create a beautiful silk piece just for you.

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