Celebrating my Sea of Calm Mandala Oracle Deck

It’s always a great thrill to create a new product, and the long process of designing my mandala oracle deck was indeed a huge but very enjoyable challenge. From start to finish I think I was working on it for almost 3 years.

Sea of calm mandala oracle deck

For those of you who don’t know my cards, I created a colourful deck showcasing 52 of my silk mandala paintings from over the years. The birthing process was a lot of fun, and I worked with large orange prototype cards for quite some time, all the while fine tuning the messages and descriptions as I went from reading to reading. Some images didn’t make it into the final deck. Some titles were discarded. Others were changed with the printing of the second batch. And so on….

mandala oracle deck prototypes

When I did eventually get to publish my first run, I was open to just seeing how it was received. I remember sharing the process and managing to have a large number of presales on Facebook, which was so amazing. It went a long way to financing the deck. A big thank you to all of you who came on board at that stage of the project. Within a year my first batch was sold, so I decided to print a second run.

Mandala oracle deck sea of calm

Then I sort of let go and just allowed the deck to do its own thing. I sold the last decks wistfully, finding it hard to release them, realising that all good things must come to an end.

Over the next year, however, I began to receive inquiries into whether or not I would do another run of mandala decks. My initial reaction was to tell people that it was under wraps and if ever I decided to proceed, I would let them know. But putting them away on a shelf didn’t seem to be working.

Total strangers had found out about my deck on the internet or through friends who had bought them, and they were now wanting to have a deck of their own. I began to realise that I was being asked to make them available. And so I did.

Mandala oracle deck sea of clam

I arranged for another batch to be printed and then started to put them back out for sale. I trusted they would find their forever homes.

And now fast forward to the present moment. Today I received an order from New Zealand for another deck. It never ceases to amaze me how people feel drawn to and find the cards. I have sold many to readers who have been using them with their clients. I have also sold some to customers who have come back and bought more for their friends and family. Almost all of them people I have never met personally, or even known before they placed an order.

Basically this sweet card deck has just taken on a life of its own and has shown me the way. And there’s something very lovely about that. I always knew it was going to be created, but I just didn’t know how and what it would look like. It really made itself, and I have loved the journey with it.

Creating a Silk Altar Cloth in Firey Colours

I’ve just finished creating a lovely silk satin altar cloth with very firey colours and mandala design. I added some golden-coppery metallic accents for a nice sparkle and then took some photos.

I’m sharing here with you both the finished item as well as an animated slideshow I created and posted on YouTube. Just click on the video screen to watch the animation.

I rather like how it turned out. Please watch and let me know what you think. This is an inspiration to create some more altar cloths for card readings. They perfectly complement my ‘Sea of Calm’ mandala oracle cards which you see here in the pictures.

Both the mandala card decks and the altar cloth are available to purchase. Please click on either of these links – Mandala oracle deckSilk altar cloth – or message me if you are interested. Thanks and enjoy. ?

Rainbow Silk Scarves with a New Twist

As many of you know I love to paint with vibrant rainbow colours when I get my silks out. And over the past few years I have created all sorts of rainbow designs on my scarves.

Painting on the rainbow colours

Painting on the rainbow colours

But this month a customer asked me to paint a rainbow silk with a new twist. This time I added the dyes running the full length of the silk so that top and bottom of the scarf were identical. Often my scarves have one purple end and one red/magenta end.

Fiona Stolze rainbow silk scarf

I used salts again too for a lovely textured look.

Those of you who paint on silk will know that it’s a bit trickier painting very long lines and keeping everything straight at the same time.

You also have to juggle the paint brushes to keep blending the edges so that there are no hard lines.

Fiona Stolze rainbow silk scarf

Fiona sprinkling effect salts on the rainbow silk scarf

I often wonder what people would think if I let a video camera run while I was busy trying to multitask and generally getting very rainbow-coloured and messy.

When the silk was complete I was truly mesmerised. All those rich colours flowing into each other with a new look. It’s always a real shower of colour therapy, no doubt about it.

When you sprinkle the salts on, you then leave them lying there for a while until you reach the desired effect.

For very light delicate effects you might want to remove the salt after a few minutes. But for very structured, textural looks just leave it on for quite a while.

The dry silk on the frame before steaming

The dry silk on the frame before steaming

And of course after the 3 hour steam bath and a good wash and iron, I love the photoshoots as then it’s time to get really creative.

The rainbow silk scarf fresh out of the steamer

The rainbow silk scarf fresh out of the steamer

So I thought I’d share all these latest photos with you here  as I had a lot of fun taking the photos and styling the silk in different ways. Each silk has its own completely unique look and this one was certainly no exception.

The rainbow silk scarf styled as a summer wrap

The rainbow silk scarf styled as a summer wrap

I loved how this looked wrapped around the model like a summer top. I then turned the silk upside down and took another picture and it looks completely different again.

The rainbow silk scarf with red at the top

The rainbow silk scarf with red at the top

I think I’ll be taking all of the photos from this shoot and putting them together into an animated slideshow. They’re always a lot of fun to make.

Let me know what you think of this rainbow look. And if you have any new suggestions, let me know too.

It’s always lovely to explore and try new things out. No matter how long I’ve been painting on silk, sometimes when I set about doing things I’ve done many times before, I come up against new challenges that I didn’t expect and the stretch is always good.

Thanks for stopping by.



Spring Silk Painting Giveaway – A Leafy Silk Panel for your own Project

Sorry – the prize draw is closed. Hope you’ll join in next time.

It’s been such a long time since I’ve done a giveaway so I thought I would remedy that as I sit here in our attic listening to the heavy rainy drumming down on the velux windows.

spring silk painting fionastolze silkandart

I’d love to give this silk panel away to one of you lovely supporters. Fresh and springy, with a group of abstract leaves with gold adornments on a soft, pink blossoming background.

It measures approx. 42cm x 42cm and is painted on pongee silk using French dyes and embellished with gold liner.

Use it to make a cushion, or perhaps back and frame it. Or why not incorporate it into a pretty wall hanging? If you win it, you get to decide what to do with it.

So what do you need to do to enter the draw?

(1) First of all subscribe to my newsletter. You can do this either here on my website at the right hand side of the page or otherwise via the tab at the top of my Facebook Silkandart page.

(2) Respond within my next newsletter, which will be going out in the next couple of days, by clicking on the button and letting me know you would like to enter the draw.

(3) Wait until May 5th to see who has won the silk panel.

And that’s it. Thanks for taking part.

A Cosmic Burst of Colour – Rainbows on Silk

I love it when I get orders to create rainbow scarves and this week was no exception. The lovel thing about it is that I get such a shower of colour therapy in the process.

Since I’ve just been getting over a heavy cold, this was just the perfect thing to be working on.  But I so fell in love with the finished piece, that I decided to create another of my animated slideshows set to music with it and that’s what I’m sharing here with you on this page. Just click on the video screen to watch:

Whenever I take a completed silk out of its 3 hour steam bath, I’m always blown away by the sheer vibrancy of the colours. I love how it lies there, basking in the glory of its own splendour.

fionastolze silkandart rainbow silk scarf hand painted silk shawl silk wrap

This has inspired me to make one or two more along these lines on the very heavy charmeuse silk scarves I have. Charmeuse is a beautiful mix of gorgeous satin silk on the top and a crepe de chine underlayer to give it a softness.

So watch this space for what I do next. Or why not contact me to see how we can create a beautiful silk piece just for you.

A Rainbow is Born – Painting a Colourful Silk

I’ve just been painting a very large rainbow silk and thought I’d share some of the photos I took as I went along.

fionastolze silk painting, art studio silkandart

I no longer have my attic studio so here I am dragging in everything from the outhouse. My old work top to lay on top of the dining room table. Setting up 2 side tables and adjusting the height.

fionastolze silk painting, art studio silkandart

Silk frame pieces together and stretching the white silk ready for work.

fionastolze silk painting, art studio silkandart

Putting out all the dyes and brushes I’ll need.

fionastolze silk painting, art studio  rainbow silk rainbow colours silkandart

And off we go, adding all the rainbow colours, bringing the silk alive with a burst of colour.

Finally adding a liberal sprinkling of salt on top of the glistening dyes. And now leave it to rest for a while.

fionastolze silk painting, art studio  rainbow silk rainbow colours silkandart

Later I come back and carefully remove all the salt. The dye still isn’t fixed to it’s important not to splash anything on the silk or get it wet.

I roll it up in paper ready for its 3 hour steam bath….

fionastolze silk painting, art studio  rainbow silk rainbow colours silkandart

And the moment of truth. Unrolling the silk and how those colours glisten. So taking it outside in the sunshine for a preliminary photoshoot. Next it’ll be washed and ironed.

fionastolze silk painting, art studio  rainbow silk rainbow colours silkandart

After that I’ll be making some wide silk tabs to add along the top, transforming the silk into a large hanger. The rainbow colours are very therapeutic in all sorts of contexts – whether in your own personal sacred space or in therapy rooms where people from all walks of life come for healing.

Silk Kaftans in Pink, Fuchsia, Burgundy … Part 2

So here’s Part 2. I never did show you what this lovely piece of silk turned into. If you’ve read Silk Kaftans in Pink, Fuchsia and Burgundy Part 1, you will know that I created a silk in the batik technique with various shades of pink, fuchsia and burgundy.

pink silk kaftan hand painted silk painting silk clothing fionastolze silkandart

It was left to dry thoroughly, then I rolled it up in paper on a metal pole and then suspended it for 3 hours in a steam bath.

pink silk kaftan hand painted silk painting silk clothing fionastolze silkandart

When it came out, I washed it thoroughly and gave it a good iron to remove all the creases.

pink silk kaftan hand painted silk painting silk clothing fionastolze silkandart

But I’m sure you’re keen to see how it looks now.

It’s been transformed into a one-of-a-kind silk kaftan and these pictures here give you an idea of what it’s like.

pink silk kaftan hand painted silk painting silk clothing fionastolze silkandart

These pictures have been taken outdoors which allows for a pretty accurate representation of the colours.

pink silk kaftan hand painted silk painting silk clothing fionastolze silkandart

I love how it looks and am looking forward to designing some more lengths of silk to make some more of these highly individualised pieces.

For all the technical details on this silk kaftan, visit my shop: Hand Painted Silk Pink Kaftan

If you feel drawn to have a silk kaftan or other one-of-a-kind silk garment made especially for you, please just get in touch and we can have a chat with each other about how to make it happen.

Silk and Gems – the Heart Chakra Love Combo

I’ve always loved watching other people make jewellery and especially pretty pieces made from gemstones. And somehow I just never really got round to doing this for myself.

rose quartz bracelet fionastolze silkandart

Until last week. I decided to put my colourful silks and gorgeous gemstones together to bring you some lovely silk and gem combos.

pink silk chiffon scarf fionastolze silkandart

The first one I was drawn to was the rosequartz, as this is a colour I adore painting with too. So here we are – meet the first lovely combo.

scarf necklace silk fionastolze silkandart

Soft pink quartz, clear quartz and carnelians interlaced with sparklies to bring you a sweet little bracelet. Matching this I’ve painted a soft, featherlight rosequartz silk chiffon scarf.

silk scarf necklace fionastolze silkandart

And a beautiful heart pendant to round it all off. So pretty and feminine.

I love how these go together and I hope you do too. You can find these and many more in my shops in the days and weeks to come, so please contact me if you’d like me to create a heart chakra love combo especially for you.

This link will take you right to the Heart Chakra Love Combo listing.


Valentine’s Hearts Pretty in Pink

Last week I created another silk, layered in batik technique, featuring sweet lovehearts. I’m sharing here a few photos showing you what I got up to in the process.

fionastolze valentine silk scarf

Here I am painting some base coat patterns in 2 shades of fuchsia. The synthetic light doesn’t show this too well.

fionastolze valentine silk scarf

When the spirals are all dry, I get out the tjanting and add a wax layer on top. You can see the pinks a bit better in this daylight shot.

fionastolze valentine silk scarf

Then I paint the border in a much darker shade to create a contrast.

fionastolze valentine silk scarf

Here the background is filled in with a medium shade of fuchsia. Just the last section to paint. Everything is still very wet and will dry a bit lighter.

fionastolze valentine silk scarf

Done. Here you can see the whole piece, glistening under the light.

fionastolze valentines silk scarf

It then gets rolled up and steamed for 3 hours before coming out all vibrant and shiny.

fionastolze valentines silk scarf

Then it gets washed to remove the soya wax and excess dye, ironed and then it’s ready to go.

fionastolze valentines silk scarf

This outdoor photo brings out the true fuchsias and pinks. I just adore these colours and can’t resist painting with them again and again.

I hope you enjoyed this little slideshow. If there’s anything you see here that you’d like to explore in a silk for yourself, just get in touch and we can have a chat about making it happen.

Rainbow Silks – Delicious Colour Therapy Adorning Your Body

It’s such a delight to paint gorgeous rainbow colours and as I was tidying up my Etsy shop, I realised I have 4 different rainbow silk designs to brighten up your day.  What better than to showcase them all in one post side by side.

Here’s the first one that I created – a medley of beautiful rainbow colours juxtaposed amidst a swirl of salt effect design. This has been a real favourite.

Rainbow scarf

The next one was a follow on from the first, as I realised that it would look lovely to create a silk with the rainbow colours following each other in true rainbow fashion – also with pretty salt effects.

Rainbow silk fionastolze

Next came a twist and turn silk scarf with the rainbow colours. This model has lots of white shimmering through from the background, adding a new dimension to it.

Rainbow scarf 1

And the fourth one in this collection was painted on sweet, delicate silk chiffon with the colours running across the fabric in rainbow style. Again, this one has some pretty salt effects on it.


I love seeing all this vibrant colour in one spot, Really explosive and so uplifting. And it’s inspiring me to continue creating more gorgeous rainbow silks for you.

Thanks for stopping by. And please contact me if you’d like something created just for you.

Silk Kaftans in Pink, Fuchsia, Burgundy … and everything inbetween Part 1

This weekend I’ve been painting a kaftan on crepe de chine silk in a medley of pinks and burgundy. I just had to share the photos with you so far.

silk painting fionastolze silkandart

I recently had my worktable enlarged and I certainly needed the extra space for this large format silk in 110cm x 190cm (approx. 44″ x 72″). We had to get creative with the stretching as my stretcher rods for this frame just weren’t wide enough. Luckily some synthetic green string came to the rescue.

silk painting fionastolze silkandart

First up was a nice wash of soft quartz pink.

On top of that I added some tones of fuchsia and blended it all together.

silk painting fionastolze silkandart

Next it was time for the tjanting and soya wax. I applied a geometric design, just spontaneously…letting it all flow, so to speak. It’s much more fun that way.

silk painting fionastolze silkandart

When that was dry I had 4 pots of dye at hand to apply the top layer. Good job I’m quite tall. I needed every inch of me to stretch across to the middle of this large frame.

silk painting fionastolze silkandart

And now it’s completed, drying nicely in the warm air.

pink kaftan 5

This evening I’m going to roll it up for a long steam bath and tomorrow it will be zooming off to the seamstress for some magic.

And all you need to do now is click on this link to see Part 2 of this post – and to see what magic emerged: Silk Kaftan in Pink, Fuchsia and Burgundy Part 2

Do get in touch if you’d like to find out more about how to have your very own silk creation. Just click on this email link and you’re in touch: info@silkandart.com

Swirling Blues and Leaves – how the scarf was made

One of my latest scarves was such fun to paint – as indeed they all are. I’m sharing here a few of the photos I took along the way to let you see how it came about.

Here is the first layer. Lots of different shades of blues, turquoises and greens, all intermingles. I added a few swirly shapes to bring in some movement.

Painting the base layer of blues and greens on the silk scarf

Painting the base layer of blues and greens on the silk scarf

Next I got out the tjanting and added some leaf motifs. Dancing around upside down and back to front as I love to do. Again more movement.

Heating the wax for batik on the silk scarf

Heating the wax for batik on the silk scarf

The tjanting is the traditional Indonesian tool used for drawing lines with the wax on the fabric.

Blue swirl leaves 3

Then I mixed some darker turquoise and painted in the leaf shapes, adding tiny bits of texture to them.

The batik work is completed and the silk scarf if drying

The batik work is completed and the silk scarf if drying

Here it is drying getting ready for the steaming. Finally the 3 hour steam bath rolled up in paper to set the dyes.

The silk scarf displayed out in the sun

The silk scarf displayed out in the sun

And there we are.

I really loved doing the photoshoot as this one is so expressive. As you can see from one of the photos, it lends itself perfectly to pinning in place with a pretty brooch. Mmmm….

The silk scarf draped and pinned on one shoulder

The silk scarf draped and pinned on one shoulder

And imagine being swathed in this gorgeous silk fabric. If you’d like me to create some bespoke silk fabric for you, please get in touch so we can have a talk about it and make it happen.

Email: info@silkandart.com


The Spirit of Spring and Butterflies on Soft Green Silk

I’ve been having delightful fun creating a flurry of butterflies on my latest silk scarf. Inspired by the latest theme set (by myself actually) for the Cosmic Web Artisans group, I decided to paint my first ever sprinkle of flutterbies on silk.

handpainted designer silk yardage

Painting soya wax butterflies onto the soft blue and turquoise undercoat


The soft undercoat of mottled dyes, then steaming to fix them. And then a layer of little butterflies painted with soya wax.

Painting the top layer of green dyes onto the butterflies

Painting the top layer of green dyes onto the butterflies

And next a top coating of various shades of green.

Top layer of green dyes on butterfly silk

Top layer of green dyes on butterfly silk

This was all rolled up, steamed, washed out to remove the wax residues and then ironed.

The completed butterfly silk scarf ready for steaming

The completed butterfly silk scarf ready for steaming

I love the way it has turned out.

I even added a tiny little sprinkling of gold dust on the end to give a soft magical touch.

Ready to go - the butterfly silk scarf waiting for flight

Ready to go – the butterfly silk scarf waiting for flight

I was just thinking that would probably look delicious as yardage and made into something soft and sensuous to wear… mmmm watch this space.

Butterfly silk as shoulder drape

Butterfly silk as shoulder drape

If you would like me to create you a beautifully original designer silk, please contact me at: info@silkandart.com and we can have a chat and make it happen.

Silk Satin and Chiffon – the Epitomy of Luxury

I had the absolute pleasure last week of creating a work of art on a beautiful blank silk shawl made of chiffon edged with gorgeous silk satin.


Although I’ve done a lot of batik work on silk, I have never explored this option on chiffon and so this was my first adventure in that arena.

Chiffon 1

The undercoat of various shades of pinks and fuchsias already looked so pretty that the shawl could have been ready.

Satin and chiffon

After a sprinkling of salt I created a leaf and flower pattern in wax and then painted the shapes in darker shades of fuchsia.

Satin and chiffon 1

When I had steamed the shawl I was so taken with the beautiful shimmer the silk had and how light it was.

Chiffon fuchsia scarf 2

Now all I need is a fabulous outfit to go with it. I’m sure you’ll agree – satin and chiffon are just in a class of their own.


Please ask if you’d like me to make something like this especially for you. Just message me and we can have a chat to make it happen.- Email Fiona

The Winner of the Silk & Art Website Relaunch Giveaway

Yesterday was the deadline for entry to the Silk & Art relaunch giveaway. I was offering one of my handpainted silk cushion covers to one lucky person in the draw.

Pink Silk Satin Cushion Cover Giveaway

Pink Silk Satin Cushion Cover Giveaway

Well today I put all the names in the hat and drew one out.

And guess whose name was on the piece of paper I picked?

…..Colleayn Klaibourne.

So congratulations Colleayn and if could contact me at info@silkandart.com giving me your full postal address, I can make sure the pink silk cushion cover makes it way to you as soon as possible.

Many thanks to all of you who took part and I look forward to connecting with all of you in my next newsletter.



A Loving Hug with Pink Hearts and Valentine’s Love on Crepe de Chine Silk

I’m feeling really drawn to pink these days and love being able to fully express that through my silk art.


This latest piece was a batik silk with a mottled undercoat of 2 shades with lots of the natural silk shimmering through.

I next created a heart design using wax and gave the whole scarf an over coat of 3 different shades of pink.


The overall look is really soft, pretty and very heart-centred. A real heart chakra  opener.


The original which you see in these photos has already gone to its new home but if you’d like me to paint you one loosely based on this, check out the listing I have made: Made to Order Pink Hearts on Crepe de Chine Silk Scarf.

Heart scarf 3

Or why not contact me and chat about having a piece created totally unique to you. Speak to you soon.

Silk Painting Salt Effect with Rainbow Colours

Preparing frameToday I had fun again playing with the salt effect. Yesterday I  sold a really vibrant scarf I painted a few days ago and since it was so popular, I have decided to keep on offering it as a made-to-order piece. Each one, of course, turns out very differently, depending on the colours I use, the pattern I paint on the silk and the way the salts react with the dyes as well as how long I leave the salt on. That makes each one still a one-of-a-kind which is lovely.

So today I mixed several pots of dye and chose some brushes to create the next one. The effect salts I use are not edible and can be bought in bags from hobby and craft stores that sell silk painting supplies.

It was fun to get started painting all the vibrant colours on the silk. They really glisten while they are wet.

When all the silk was covered with the rainbow colours, I began to sprinkle effect salts copiously onto the silk.


As the patterning of the salt began to emerge, I continued adding details with smaller brushes, massaging in some new tones, until I had the look I wanted.

I’ve just taken off the salts and the silk is now almost dry. I’ll be able to roll it up in paper tomorrow and give it a 3 hour steam bath to fix the dyes.


I must admit, I’m really pleased with the results this time. And when the steaming is finished, the silk will take on a really translucent look making the colours even more vibrant. I’ll be sharing the finished piece with you very soon. Thanks for watching.

Painting on Silk – Going Wild with Colour

I’ve been having such fun again the past few days mixing bright vibrant colour combinations and painting them on my silks.


I just wanted to share some of the images from the photoshoot of the 2 silk scarves I steamed, washed and ironed yesterday. The colours were just so inspiring that I’ve decided to play with such vibrant tones much more.


One of these pieces was a commission for SilkandStars and the other was created out of pure joy at the colours that emerged from my brushes.


You can see a fuller article on this at my other site Inspired Art and Living.

Welcome to Silk & Art

lotus_flower cropped 1I’m so excited to be able to welcome you to my brand new site. It has been a long time in the making but the wait has been so worth it.

This is a completely new look. I decided to completely let go of what most of the older site represented and go for something clean, contemporary and easy to navigate.

At last I have everything under one roof which makes it easy for you to find what you are looking for.

So first of all, huge thanks to Michael, the patient and talented webdesigner (who also happens to be my husband) for putting all of my requests into action here. It’s so lovely not to be restricted to the structure laid down by any of the other sites out there which offer artists space to share their artwork.

I’m going to be using this blog to share posts related specifically to my artwork and the main blog – Inspired Art and Living – will continue to share everything that I do including my ongoing spiritual reflections.

I’m also going to be making a video to guide you through what you can find on this site and I will be posting that in the ‘Home’ section. Hopefully through linking backwards and forwards we can help al of you to get to where you want to be. If not, do ask at any time and we’d be only too happy to help out.

So having said that I’m off to continue adding items to this site so that you have a fuller experience when you come to visit. I hope you will subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on the Silkandart Facebook Page  to keep up to date with my daily excursions.

Note: if you like the look of my new site and would like something created just for you, you can send an email to Michael and ask for a quote. Thanks.