Silk Satin and Chiffon – the Epitomy of Luxury

I had the absolute pleasure last week of creating a work of art on a beautiful blank silk shawl made of chiffon edged with gorgeous silk satin.


Although I’ve done a lot of batik work on silk, I have never explored this option on chiffon and so this was my first adventure in that arena.

Chiffon 1

The undercoat of various shades of pinks and fuchsias already looked so pretty that the shawl could have been ready.

Satin and chiffon

After a sprinkling of salt I created a leaf and flower pattern in wax and then painted the shapes in darker shades of fuchsia.

Satin and chiffon 1

When I had steamed the shawl I was so taken with the beautiful shimmer the silk had and how light it was.

Chiffon fuchsia scarf 2

Now all I need is a fabulous outfit to go with it. I’m sure you’ll agree – satin and chiffon are just in a class of their own.


Please ask if you’d like me to make something like this especially for you. Just message me and we can have a chat to make it happen.- Email Fiona

4 thoughts on “Silk Satin and Chiffon – the Epitomy of Luxury

  1. Judy Stone-Goldman

    Hi Fiona, This beautiful color caught my eye and I stopped by to see what you’ve been up to. Such a glorious creation! Does working with this kind of color give you an energy that is different, say, than when working with a cooler green or blue? Are you making up your technique as you go along? Your creative bravery is fabulous!!

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    Where the Personal and Professional Meet

  2. Fiona Post author

    Hi Joy – I’m glad you like the colours too. It’s always so lovely to be able to share the photos I take along the way. And so lovely to see your colourful silks too x

  3. Fiona Post author

    Hi Judy – so glad you came over to visit my site. And yes the different colours are certainly very different to work with. The greens and blues are very harmonising and calming. This is almost exciting and exhilirating. I’ve always loved experimenting and I enjoy trying out what works and what doesn’t. Batik is traditionally done on cottons and I loved moving onto the silk satin. But chiffon is a really exciting alternative. I love that it works so well. 🙂

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