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In the weeks to come I’ll be adding photos here of past workshops, giving you an idea of what we get up to. Most people come to me with no previous experience and I’m always really touched by what they create on the silk despite. That moment when everyone completes their artwork and then holds it up for the camera – pure magic! I hope you enjoy this gallery and I look forward to it growing as times goes by. If you want more information on my workshops, check out the Silk Painting Workshops page. See you soon.

Glastonbury silk painting workshop

Glastonbury silk painting workshop

4 thoughts on “Silk Painting Workshop Gallery

  1. colleen

    Is vilene the same as pellum….looking at your great site and you said you used this to adhere to silk to make it easier to stretch on canvas squares. I would l not like to ruin a silk if the pellum doesn’t work or if it will get wrinkley???? Thanks I love your site. COlleen

  2. Fiona Post author

    Hi Colleen – thanks for stopping by and glad you like my new site. Vilene is a type of fusible interface, the white kind you iron onto the reverse of the fabric to stiffen it for dressmaking. I’m not sure what pellum is but am guessing it is something similar.

    I have also mounted silks to chunky canvases before without using the fusible interface. The silk is a bit trickier to hold in place that way but it works too.

    Hope that helps. Good luck. 🙂

  3. Fiona Post author

    Dear Marci

    You would need to do your own research and find a company that would manufacture these for you. Hope that helps.

    Kind regards

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