Silk and Gems – the Heart Chakra Love Combo

I’ve always loved watching other people make jewellery and especially pretty pieces made from gemstones. And somehow I just never really got round to doing this for myself.

rose quartz bracelet fionastolze silkandart

Until last week. I decided to put my colourful silks and gorgeous gemstones together to bring you some lovely silk and gem combos.

pink silk chiffon scarf fionastolze silkandart

The first one I was drawn to was the rosequartz, as this is a colour I adore painting with too. So here we are – meet the first lovely combo.

scarf necklace silk fionastolze silkandart

Soft pink quartz, clear quartz and carnelians interlaced with sparklies to bring you a sweet little bracelet. Matching this I’ve painted a soft, featherlight rosequartz silk chiffon scarf.

silk scarf necklace fionastolze silkandart

And a beautiful heart pendant to round it all off. So pretty and feminine.

I love how these go together and I hope you do too. You can find these and many more in my shops in the days and weeks to come, so please contact me if you’d like me to create a heart chakra love combo especially for you.

This link will take you right to the Heart Chakra Love Combo listing.


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