Purple Silk Scarf in Batik Crepe de Chine with Waves and Leaves Design

A soft, purple, crepe de chine silk with a medley of designs. Various shades of purple, lilac and pink layered with dancing leaves and waves. Each time you fold the scarf differently, a different part of the design comes to the fore.

Painted using the batik technique with healthy, friendly soya wax and then steam fixed for 3 hours to permanently fix the dyes in the silk.

It measures approx. 35cm x 180cm (14″ x 72″) and has prerolled edges.

Please look after your silk scarf with lots of loving care to ensure you get lots of enjoyment out of it. Wash by hand in warm water with some mild shampoo. Rinse gently until the water is clear then roll up in a towel and dab dry. Iron while still damp with a very clean medium hot iron from the reverse.

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CAD $95.00 plus shipping


100% crepe de chine silk, professional silk dyes


Scarf: approx. 35cm x 180cm (15" x 72")


Purple, lilac, pink


Ready for shipping within 3 working days.