Vibrant Fuchsia and Orange Yardage for the Exotic Touch

The beautiful silk satin yardage you see here in these photos is an example of what you could commission me to create for you with a  highly individualised look.

Soft and luxurious with that illustrious sheen – and so versatile. There are no limits as to what could be sewn from your personally created silk yardage. A sensuous dress, flowing top, lounge pants or a huge shawl to drape around your shoulders.

You can either receive the yardage as is or have it made by us into a mesmerising silk creation ready to wear.

Let these images inspire you and please contact me at to discuss what you’d like me to create for you. We will chat about you’d love to have and then we’ll take steps to make it happen.


Item currently not available through this site.

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