Swadhisthana Sacral Chakra – Vibrant Sensual Orange Silk

Beautiful orange conjures up so many things. Such vibrancy. Alive and uplifting. The colour of joy and pleasure. And how magical to combine it with soft, luxurious silk.

The sacral chakra – the seat of womanhood, the seat of the soul, the source of creativity, free expression and sensuality, sexuality, emotions, movement.  This colour is the ideal activation for any blocked creative energies. Wear it wrapped around you for an enlivening experience. For increased positivity. A bright ray of sunshine. The Sanskrit name for this chakra is swadhisthana and means ‘sacred home of the self’.

This bright and vibrant scarf was painted using various tones of reds, oranges and yellows, combined with gold liner to create the sacral chakra design you see in these photos. I use only quality French silk dyes which are permanently set by steaming the silk for 3 hours after the painting process.

It measures approx. 35cm x 180cm (14″ x 72″) and has prerolled edges.

Please give your silk scarf lots of TLC by washing it gently by hand in warm water with a touch of shampoo. Rinse until clear and then roll up in a towel to absorb most of the moisture. Then iron from the reverse with a very clean iron on a medium to hot setting.

Please allow 7 days for me to complete your sacral chakra silk scarf and get it ready for shipping.

You can see lots of other scarf/wrap silk creations of mine by visiting the Silk Scarf section on this site.

And please ask me if there is anything you would like me to create for you. Any colour, any shape, any design. Let’s have a chat and make it happen:  info@silkandart.com



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