Silk Painting Kit with Instructional DVD

Update 2020: I’m currently working on new online silk painting classes. These products are no longer available. More details below.

I’m delighted to announce that our silk painting kits are at last ready. I’ve spent the past few months working on developing these and so they are fresh off the press, so to speak.

It was important to me to create a kit that reflected my painting style and so I made sure that the kit will allow you to create a mandala similar to one you would paint with me in one of my workshops.

The kit consists of a box of supplies to paint a mandala on silk satin – the Queen of silks and there is a full-length accompanying dvd which shows me painting a mandala from start to finish, demonstrating various techniques and sharing a great many tips as I go. That was the closest I could get to actually being there with you.

I would recommend buying both the dvd and kit if you are new to silk painting. If you have attended one of my workshops, you may not need the dvd. For all overseas customers, the dvd is the better option as you will probably be able to get supplies locally without having shipping costs and import tax.

The silk painting kit includes everything you need to paint a mandala according to the instructions on the dvd and comes complete with a pdf file with some main guidelines:

  • 1 x 45cm x 45cm wooden frame
  • 1 x piece of 45cm x 55cm silk satin
  • effect salts
  • 3 prong pins
  • 1 vanishing fabric marker
  • 4 x bottles of either silk paints or silk dyes (select option when buying)
  • 4 x plastic mixing tubs with lids
  • 1 20g tube of pebeo gold resist
  • 1 mandala template (as shown in the dvd)
  • additional mandala templates
  • 1 pdf file with painting guidelines
  • 2 paintbrushes

The dvd runs for 80 mins and shows a complete demonstration of me creating a mandala on silk. Please note that this video does not include a steaming tutorial. You will have the option of buying your kit with either iron-fix paints or steam-set dyes depending on whether or not you have access to steaming or have experience of it. I am offering to steam the first silk mandala free of charge if you send it to me with return postage at your own risk. You may have your own steamer at home or have already had experience of using a vegetable steamer.

* And here’s a sneak peak for you on video:

So here are the details for the various options to purchase this product . If you’d like to know any more about it, please contact me at and I’d be happy to help out.

* * * * *

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2 thoughts on “Silk Painting Kit with Instructional DVD

  1. Christie Bullard

    I am interested in trying to make scarves and I’ve watched your tutorial. What I can’t find out is what type of paint I need to buy. I have gotten some material to try but was unsure of the paint. Can you tell me what I should get that is not expensive? Thank you for your time!

  2. Fiona Post author

    Thanks Christie for getting in touch. Which tutorial are you referring to as that can make a difference in materials you may need. If you are referring to the microwave video, then you will need to buy some white silk yardage and some silk dyes at an art and crafts store. You cannot use paints of any description for this method. And the fabric has to be kept very wet.

    If you are referring to any other blog posts I have shared, then you can paint many types of white silk using silk paints. Again these need to be specifically silk paints which can then be ironed from the reverse when your work is dry to fix them on the fabric. Let me know where you are based. If you are in the UK, I may be able to help you out with supplies from this site. Thanks. 🙂


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