Silk Chakra Banner – the Perfect Altar Piece for your Sacred Space

Made to order: in mottled blue or purple (please specify when ordering)

This wallhanging is a full length silk handpainted chakra banner. Each section depicts one of the chakras moving through from the base at the bottom up to the crown. Chakras are energy centres relating to specific areas of the body. Eastern teachings show us how colours can enhance the energy in each chakra and benefit mind , body and spirit.

The vibrant colours are beautifully uplifting and each one works on a specific chakra. The background is painted in a mottled mixture of blues and purples.

The soft wafty silk hangs from a wooden baton and is suspended on a matching painted silk cord.

This hanging would be a perfect addition to your sacred space or in a beautiful therapy room or healing centre as a gentling focal point for meditation on your spiritual journey.

The silk has hand rolled edges and measures approx. 45cm x 140cm (18″ x 58″). The lines are painted with gold resist and French steam set silk dyes are used to paint the images.

Please note: there is also a smaller version of this chakra banner available at a price of £145. Please ask for details.

When your order is complete, it is shipped to you by courier if you are a UK customer. Details of this will be given to you when pick up is scheduled.

Overseas shipments are sent via Airsure. Any countries not covered by Airsure will be shipped to by registered post. Many thanks.

To ensure long-lasting delight with this unique silk, please don’t hang it in direct sunlight. It has been steamset for 3 hours to ensure wash and light fastness but all fabrics respond well to a bit of tender love and care.

If you need to wash this silk, please remove the baton and rinse it in warm water with mild shampoo. Rinse water until clear and then dab dry rolled in a towel. Iron from the reverse with a medium hot clean iron and hang up again.



Please enquire about availability




100% habotai silk, professional silk dyes, gold resist


45cm x 140cm (approx. 18" x 72")


Mottled blue or purple background: please specify which you would like


Please allow up to 14 days for your artwork to be completed. You will be notified of progress.

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