Mandala, Designer Scarf and Batik Silk Painting Workshops in Bristol

recent successful mandala silk painting workshop
recent successful mandala silk painting workshop

Update 2020: I am currently developing new online silk painting classes for launch soon. See below for details.


A Silk Painting Workshop with Fiona Stolze - Create your own mandala on silk

My name is Fiona Stolze and I currently live and work in Bristol. I am a professional self-taught artist and have been painting mandalas on silk for many years now. Mandala is the Sanskrit word for ‘sacred circle’ and is an ancient global symbol which represents our journey leading out from our centre into the world and finally back again, coming home to our true self.

Fiona Stolze painting a mandala on silk

Mandalas have been found all throughout history in many cultures and religions and are used as a focus for stilling the mind to gain deeper insights about the Self. Many therapists use the mandala as an art form to gently allow the client to explore deeply and unveil hidden aspects of themselves they would otherwise be unable to reveal.

Come and join me in creating your own personal mandala. I will show you various simple silk painting techniques which will enable you to birth your own artwork. From stretching your silk, to creating your design, painting resist lines and applying silk dyes.

The silk dyes are so vibrant and really come to life on the beautiful silk satin. Getting beyond the mind and just letting the creative process to flow is key in allowing your mandala to emerge. You will love the amazing energy of these vivid colours as much as I do.

When your masterpiece is completed, you will leave it with me to completely dry and the next day I will steam it for 3 hours to fix the colours permanently into the fabric. I will then post your mandala to you for you to mount and hang as you wish in a beautiful spot in your home.

No previous experience is necessary for these workshops. Under my guidance you will gently coax out your inner artist and surprise yourself at the beauty within you that comes out to play on the silk.

Please find details of my upcoming workshops below. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

One-day Workshop: Create Your Own Mandala on Silk – 4 – 5 participants

Date: to be announced.

One-day Workshop: Create Your Own Designer Silk Scarf – only 2 participants

Date: to be announced

One-Day Workshop: Create Your Own Batik Silk Meditation Cushion (4 – 5 participants)

Date: to be announced.

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