Kitten Paw Prints in Silk – a Gold, Copper and Orange Silk Scarf Medley

I just couldn’t resist. Being a cat lover and owner I had to pay a tribute to my gorgeous cat on silk. I got sudden inspiration and created this delightful silky piece with a trail of cheeky kitten paw prints from top to bottom.

This was painted in batik style with the undercoat a mixture of oranges and golds. The paw print layer was painted on in wax and then the whole scarf was painted over in another layer of golds and coppers.

It was then rolled up and steamed for 3 hours to fix the dyes permanently in the silk and washed carefully afterwards to remove the soya wax residue.

It measures approx. 35cm x 180cm (14″ x 72″) and is made of 100% habotai silk with pre-rolled edges. The dyes are quality French dyes which are truly vibrant.

Please hand wash your silk scarf very gently in warm soapy water using a mild shampoo. Rinse until the water is clear, roll in a towel and hang up to dry. Iron from the reverse with a medium hot iron (please ensure your iron is clean).

All Silk & Art silk gifts come to you gift wrapped in luxurious white tissue paper and a gorgeous fuchsia satin ribbon.

Please have a look at the other scarves in my shop for some more inspiration too: Silk Scarf Section

And if you’d like me to create a very individual silk for you, whether a wearable, wall art or soft furnishing, please contact me so that we can have a chat and make it happen.


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