Green Raw Silk Crop Circle Wall Hanging with Gold Embellishments

This unusual one-of-a-kind hand painted silk wall hanging has a beautiful motif resembling crop circles turning like cogs in the large mandala of life. A reflection of your spiritual journey.

It was painted in various soft green tones direct on the raw silk and then I painted on the layer of crop circle motifs using soya wax in batik technique. Finally I applied 2 top layers of a mixture of green tones until the surface was saturated showing no more lighter shades through.

The piece was then rolled up in paper and steamed for 3 hours to permanently fix the dyes. After it was carefully washed to remove excess dyes and wax residue, I restretched the silk and applied gold embellishment on top.  I then created a wall hanging from the silk, adding a wooden baton and matching silk cord for easy hanging.

This hanging would be the perfect addition to your sacred space or altar.

It measures approx. 50cm x 120cm (approx. 20″ x 48″).

Please hang your wall hanging away from direct sunlight. If you need to wash it, remove the wooden baton first and rinse it gently in warm water with some mild shampoo. Rinse well and dab dry with a towel. You can iron it from the reverse with a clean medium to hot iron before hanging up again.

Your hanging will be sent to you by courier within the UK or by Airsure for overseas destinations.

Please contact me if you feel inspired to have a silk created individually for you. I look forward to having a chat with you about how to make this happen.

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