Bold Coloured Mandala with Gold Resist and Leaf Pattern

This is a silk mandala I created using a selection of very bold colours. The lines are drawn using gold resist and the individual areas painted in using professional steam set silk dyes. The painting shows examples of the salt technique as well as blending colours together and adding gold embellishments on top.

Once completed the painting was rolled up in a steam bath for 3 hours to permanently fix the dyes in the silk fabric.

These photos show the silk painting both in natural and synthetic light. I have left the edge on which makes it easier for you to attach it to a backing board or even stretch around the edges of a canvas frame.

The silk panel painted area measures approx. 40cm x 40cm (16″ x 16″) and is made of 100% silk satin fabric.

It will be sent to you securely by either registered post (UK) or Airsure for overseas customers.




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