Gift Package – Mandala Soul Painting and Spiritual Guidance Reading

I am offering you the opportunity of having a soul mandala painted individually for you, attuned to the colours and motifs that will support you in being all that you can be. In addition to this I will conduct a 30 minute session on Skype (or phone in the UK) and do a base reading using my personally designed Mandala Oracle Cards. We will ascertain the main themes and colours best suited to your piece of artwork during the reading as well as looking at where you are in your life and where things are leading.

** Please note: the painting you see in the photos is not the painting you will receive. This is being used purely as an example. Your mandala soul painting will be completely personalised and individual to you.

You will receive your personalised soul mandala either as a pure silk to be mounted and framed by yourself, or you have the option of me stretching it on a canvas frame for you for a small extra cost if you live in the UK or Europe.

This mandala will be vibrant and will be a piece that you will greatly resonate with. It may even have focus on one specific chakra depending on your reading. You can hang it beside your bed or in your sacred space so that you can see it and contemplate it daily to bring you focus and enhance your energy.

Here is a link to a YouTube video I made introducing this soul mandala and reading service:
Mandala Soul Painting and Spiritual Guidance Reading

The dimensions of the stretched mandala will be approx 30cm x 30cm (12″ x 12″). The silk itself will be larger as the extra fabric is for the wraparound on a frame.

This package is priced at £125.00 (approx. $200.00)

If you would like a larger silk mandala painted for you or a completely different format, please contact me and I will give you a quote.

Your artwork is painted on 100% silk satin crepe backed, using French dyes and gold resist.

Your 30 minute reading and guidance will be sent to you as an mp3 file via DropBox.

Please allow 14 days for completion of your personalised soul mandala. I will ship it fully trackable by registered post to you. If you are going to be ordering further items, I will adjust the shipping for you.

When you buy this item, please give me your email so that I can contact you to set things in motion and make an appointment to have our Skype session.

And please let me know if you’d like a quote for having your painting mounted on canvas for you.

Please contact me if you’d like to know anything more about this service.


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