Benebelle Wen’s review of “A Sea of Calm”: this is a lovely review written about my oracle deck “A Sea of Calm” by Benebelle Wen on her website of the same name. Benebelle regulary does write-ups of indie publishers. She shows many of the images from the deck and shares examples taken from my online booklet which comes free with the oracle deck. Check it out by clicking on the link below.

A Sea of Calm is a self-published 52-card mandala oracle deck by Fiona Stolze. I got a deck from the second printing and just love the artwork.


Mind, Body, Spirit Odyssey: here’s a beautiful interview with me (13) Astrological Emanations in Blue very lorespublished by Diane Fergurson on her website. Click this link to read the article:

‘Silk painting. Many have explored this wonderful creative medium, but as you will soon read, for UK artist Fiona Stolze…. more’



UK Handmade Writing Competition Winner – 2010 : this was an interview conducted with me following my joint win of a writing competition held in June 2010. Click on the link below to read the interview. Unfortunately they used some links to photos that were in items no longer online. Despite this, enjoy.

‘Fiona Stolze is joint winner of our recent Writing Competition, alongside Victoria Baker.  Based in Bristol, Fiona is designer and creator of Silk and Art…..’


UK Handmade Writing Competition – Joint-Winning Article:

Click on this link to read the full article on my blog.

How to Silk Paint on a Shoestring Budget

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