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Silk & Art Newsletter – end of February 2013

Gosh – a second newsletter in one month. I’m doing well… :-) This is a very short one and comes to you to keep you up to date with my latest workshop plans.

Normally I get emails with requests for workshop dates and so this week I’ve been looking at what the best way is to plan our next Bristol silk painting workshop.

I wanted to pass some suggestions by you to see what fits best and will then plan accordingly.

Wilder Studios in Bristol is difficult to hire now on Saturdays due to long term dance and yoga bookings in the middle of the day. They do however have availability on Fridays. Please let me know if you are generally interested in coming on a Friday. For now I think we will leave this venue to one side.

The other option I have been looking into is Lincombe Barn again. I could make a booking for March 23rd or March 30th (Easter weekend), both Saturdays and I am contemplating planning a larger workshop and hiring one of the larger halls they have. For this I would work with about 8 – 10 sign ups. Lincombe Barn is fabulous for parking as they have their own dedicated carpark and there is a large kitchen where you can eat and make tea or coffee.

So now I am looking at what theme to take. I would like to offer one of my traditional ‘Create Your Own Mandala on Silk’ workshops  but also depending on numbers, it would be nice to venture into a designer silk scarf workshop too.

So please respond by email to this newsletter letting me know if you’d like to attend a Lincombe Barn workshop in Downend Bristol and which preferences you would have:

  • 23rd or 30th March (which is the Easter weekend)
  • mandala or silk scarf workshop

Email me here: Spring Silk Painting Workshops in Downend Bristol

Thanks a lot for that. I’m looking forward to finalising this in the next few days.

A Glastonbury workshop is in the pipeline too, probably for the beginning of April.

The next regular newsletter with photos and links will be out soon in March. To see what I’ve been doing in past months, click on the list in the archive to the right.

..and just before I go, I couldn’t resist sharing at least one photo with you of the latest piece I’m working on. Batik on chiffon in fuchsia. I’ll share the completed silk with you soon.

Take care and I’ll be back soon with dates.

Blessings to you all.


6 Responses to “Silk & Art Newsletter – end of February 2013”

  1. Alison says:

    Hi Fiona, Thanks for your email . I have a workshop on myself on March 24, but I would be able to move that back if you decided to go for March 23. Travelling on Easter Bank Holiday doesn’t work for me , I’m afraid, as it would be a two hour plus journey normally without the traffic . However, I would be happy to wait until April, if you decide on that date.
    It’s the Mandala workshop that I would like to do.
    Thanks for your other FB message , I’ll respond to that on FB.
    So glad that all is well with you.
    Walk in gentleness,

  2. Wendy K Ford says:

    Hello from Australia Fiona!

    All the best with your upcoming workshops. The sounds fabulous. I hear tell there is a real creative force at work in Bristol. My son played there at a well known music festival a few years back (not Glastonbury yet!!). He found it to be a fabulous place.

    Love your batik silk.

    Best Wishes


    • Fiona says:

      Thanks Wendy. Bristol is indeed an interesting place although not so much for the type of artwork that I do. Glad you love the silk work. xx

  3. Julia Buckley says:

    Hi Fiona, I would absolutely love to go on a silk scarf workshop and, 23rd would be great for me. :-) xx

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