December Newsletter 2012

Hi everyone

This newsletter comes to you just a few days before Christmas and as I look at my archive I realise that it has been quite a few weeks since I last wrote to you. I didn’t want to miss the chance to connect with you once more before the year ends.

So what have I been up to since my last newsletter? Well the main thing I was busying myself with was my new silk painting kit and dvd. This is a project I have been contemplating for ages now and I knew that the time was ripe for it.

Those of you who were in on the project know that I made the dvd at home with changing lighting conditions and slight issues getting optimal sound. But after many weeks of editing the footage and playing with details, I finally let go and saved my high definition video. I had to do quite a bit of homework to iron out the preliminary gremlins but in the end I managed to burn my first 8GB discs.

Now I have launched both the kit and the dvd and to celebrate this event I am doing a giveaway of 2 of my discs. The deadline for taking part is midnight of Friday 21st December but since this newsletter has just gone out, I’m extending it for you for another couple of days. And this little video here gives you an idea of what you can expect when you watch it.

You just have to follow this link to my blog article telling you what to do to take part. It couldn’t be easier in fact: LUXURY SILK PAINTING MANDALA DVD GIVEAWAY

The kit and dvd are on offer together now for £35 and the dvd is available on its own too for £15. Click on the image of the kit below to be taken to the page with all the info about it. The great news is that I now have the possibility to ship to both Europe and the US at a pretty reasonable rate. So get in touch if you’d like a quote for the shipping costs.

Watch out for more project kits in the months to come!


Those of you who read the last newsletter will know that I recently teamed up with Starlene Breiter who is an astrologer and gemologer to create a team called Silk & Stars. Well we have been going deeper into exploring different ways of combining my colour therapy and silk artistry with Star’s talents. And in recent days we have put together some new sets that we feel are starting to really highlight what we do.

We are combining some silk altar cloths with gem grids focused on particular chakras and this heart chakra combination is the first one we have come up with. The silk is painted in soft pinks and greens, reminiscent of rhodendrons. A set of heart chakra gems comes with it together with a chakra report which you will receive by email.

I recently designed a chrysocolla inspired batik silk scarf and have been offering it custom made with each one turning out very uniquely. Just a few days ago Star created a beautiful chrysocolla pendant to match it and so now we have another gift set which includes the silk, the pendant and a 3 month astrological transit report. This link takes you to the page with more details: Chrysocolla Silk and Stars Gift Set

I have been doing lots of batik work again and am so loving it. It’s fascinating to create layers and see how the colours all interplay on the silk. Sometimes the colours shimmer through from other layers and other times you get complete coverage depending on how you work with it. I’m particularly enjoying recreating the patterns on gemstones and this is where my connection with Star works so well.

Here is a selection of some of the pieces I’ve been working on recently:

Silk pendants with spiritual symbols

Moon and stars silk scarf

Orange and pink bubbles silk scarf

Batik and leaves silk scarf

Fuchsia silk satin buttons

Mandala featured in the silk painting kit

The little pendants you can see above in one of the photos was an idea I came up with when thinking about making some silk brooches. I had some wooden brooches I wasn’t sure what to do with and suddenly I got the inspiration to make them into hangers with silk cords. The ones you see have various astrological and spiritual symbols. Basically anything can be painted on them, so if you have an idea for one you’d like made, just contact me. They are priced at £15 each.

I also have a selection of small framed silk pictures on offer. They are currently available at £15 each too. The images on offer are Glastonbury Tor by Night, Labyrinth, Lotus  and  Vesica Pisces. You can see some of them in my Etsy shop by following this link: Silk Pictures.


I may have mentioned before that my husband is working on a new updated website for me. I’m really excited about this and can’t wait to have it up and running. My current one is just not fully reflecting what is going on now in my world and so the change will be very welcomed. I have been using my Etsy shop to showcase a lot of the things that I do however my website is the main focal point and so I will be shifting the emphasis back to in the New Year. This will mean that all my products and services will be fully available from there very soon. In the meantime you can see some of my work and products at


As always please just contact me if there’s anything you’ve seen that’s inspired you and you’d like me to make for you in silk. I am willing to take on most ideas that clients approach me with. It’s really seldom that we can’t make them happen. So whether it’s mandala wall art, silk wearables or unique yardage, just message me and we can set things in motion.

And don’t forget that you can come and work with me one-to-one to have some tuition or even collaborate with me in making a unique piece of silk for you.

There are also workshops that you can take part in, or why not chat to me about getting a private group together for some silk painting fun.


As a thank you for supporting me I’d like to take £5 off my handpainted batik scarves between now and January 6th 2013.  The regular price is £49. I am also taking £5 off my one-layered silk scarves too which regularly cost £39. If you would like to commission me to create a scarf for you, just send me an email and we can discuss the details. Many thanks.

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I’d just like to wish you all a lovely Christmas and hope you enjoy a bit of time off to be with family and friends.

I’m hugely looking forward to doing lots more painting and being creative and sharing it all with you. If you would like to make any comments or ask me any questions, please share in the box below this newsletter. I love hearing from you and will make sure to reply to you.

Take care and have an amazing start to 2013.

Warm wishes

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