October-November Newsletter 2011

I’m so happy to be making contact with you all again after such a long break. You know how life is sometimes…well, I just went with the flow and watched all the interesting things that were happening.

As many of you will know I did a social media bootcamp starting at the end of last year and really propelled myself into the world of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube et al. And of course by now I’ve become really addicted to video. You’ll have guessed that I’m chatting to you today via video to put you in the picture. So here we go:

I’m going to be sharing some links with you to the various things that I mentioned in the video, so here we go.


First is the Persephone mandala. I shared some photos of it on Facebook but I realise that not all of you are connected there and so the link wouldn’t work. So here it is again for you. It was fun to work with the Persephone imagery, the pomegranate forming the eye, the deeper intuition and inner vision. The image also shows the twelfth house opening up and releasing the planets contained within to find full expression in the light of day, instead of being hidden in the Otherworld.

Persephone Mandala by Fiona Stolze

The next image is the base chakra cushion cover I painted just a couple of weeks ago. For some reason I cannot quite manage to capture the tone of red I painted it in with my camera. It gives you a good idea, though, of what I was up to.  I’m going to share a little tip with you at the end of this newsletter that I used in this image. I’m intending to work my way through all 7 chakras or energy centres and make a desing for each one. This is a project I did a few years ago too, but this range is very simplified in comparison. My first series was of detailed mandalas.

Base chakra silk painting by Fiona Stolze

I’ve also been busy  adding a few silk painting technique videos which some of you might have missed. One is about those lovely squirrel hair fat bellied brushes and another demonstrates the salt technique very simply. I didn’t want to share the links here because the videos would show in full and I don’t want to swamp the page with YouTube material. Go onto my account and check out the silk painting techniques playlist. – Fiona Stolze’s YouTube Account.



A couple of months ago I breathed life into a project that I was very pleased with. And for those of you following me on Facebook, you were able to share some suggestions with me as to how they looked. In the end I chose large format circular ones that are transparent, which means you can see them from inside and outside. They are acrylic and re-usable which means you can take them down and attach them again whenever you want to . They have a diameter of 19cm which is just under 8″ ( a handspan).

Self Cling Mandala Window Sticker by Fiona Stolze

I also made a nifty little video demonstrating how best to attach them to the window so that they stick really well. The staff at the printers helped me out with that one. You’ll find the link to the tutorial at the bottom of the blog post here -

Meeting My Mandala Window Stickers

SPECIAL OFFER: the regular price of these stickers is £8 plus pp at present but anyone subscribed to this newsletter can have them leading up to Christmas for £6 plus shipping. And even better: order all 4 designs and get them for £23 plus shipping. Just email me at info@silkandart.com with the code – XMASOFFERWT – and let me know which designs you would like and how many of each. I will then arrange Paypal payment. Here you can see the 4 designs available:

Selection of 4 Mandala Window Transfers

The transfers are round as illustrated in the photo above.



I love to offer mandala silk painting workshops but thought that I would offer something a bit different this time. So we will be creating our own beautiful orange sacral chakra cushion cover. This is obviously one that speaks more to the women. You will create the front panel for the cushion and then leave your work wish me. I will steam the silk and then sew a dupioni silk back panel with zip onto it to make a complete cover. This will then be sent on to you by post. Normally the workshop costs £55 and these extra materials (dupioni silk plus zip)  plus the sewing service make up the extra £15.

Here is a link to the advert. Let me know in plenty of time if you’d like to join us.




Many of you will know that I am very deeply involved in blogging and video and have been working on creating a beautiful spaceover on my other site – The Cosmic Web. I’ve done a few interviews there and am intending to expand my reach. This is all part of my vision to create a centre of sorts, a place for people to come home to. Although the interviews so far on the site have been of spiritual nature, I am intending to explore this area further and have decided to bring some amazing silk artists to you that I will be chatting with.

So I am planning to introduce the first of these to you within the next 3 – 4 weeks and will let you know how to tune in and enjoy what my guest shares. I’m really excited about that and know you will be too.



I mentioned above that I was going to share something with you that I have found really useful. I do most of my work using gold resist (or gutta) and it’s straight forward when I am drawing lines to contain the silk dyes. However, when I use it on a slightly larger area, the surface can look a bit patchy due to the consistency of the resist. You can easily see the marks left by the nozzle. So what I do is this. I go back over it and make a pattern on it by dabbing on it with a dry brush. You can get some rather nice 3D effects and this takes away the stress of having to get it smooth and looking perfect. Give it a try.

And here’s a question I get asked a lot:

When you pin silk onto a wooden frame, doesn’t the dye from the last time bleed onto the silk?

Well, there are three things I would say to this. The first is that I use the method of attaching the silk to the frame with those 3-pronged pins when I will be putting a mount around the picture and covering up the edges. So yes, sometimes there may be marks at the outer edges but they won’t be seen later.

The second point is this. If you want to be absolutely sure that no residue comes through from the wood, cover the frame with masking tape before you attach the silk. That way, the only marks you get are from the metal pins and again, these get covered up when you frame the picture.

The third point I wanted to mention is that you can use the 3-pronged pins to attach the silk to the wooden frame, but make sure that the silk doesn’t really sit on the wood. Have a single prong to the inner side, holding the silk in place, and the other two prongs to the outside. That way your silk is almost hanging freely in the frame without touching it.

Hope that helps. :-)



I just wanted to remind you that I have sets of assorted mandala cards on offer through my Etsy shop. They are older stock and have white frames round them. You get 16 cards for £18 but if you would like some in the run-up to Christmas, please email me with the code MANDALASO and as a loyal subscriber you can have them for only £16 plus shipping.

Well that’s it for this edition. It feels really lovely to be out there connecting again. And as always, I’d love to hear from you. Please share any thought or messages in the comments box at the end of this post and I’ll be sure to respond. Whatever you’re doing, have a great day and I’ll see you again soon.


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  1. Hi Fiona,
    Lovely newsletter as usual! Kudos to you for going to that bootcamp – social media is so necessary these days. I find it so hard to fit it all in plus do actual painting. How do you do it? Do you have a set schedule for particular tasks?

    Your mandalas are just stunning – keep up the great work!


    • Fiona says:

      Thanks Deborah. Always so nice to get feedback from fellow silk painters. And yes, the social media stuff was key in taking the next step. In reply to your question about schedules – no. I never schedule things. I always just wing it and go with my intuition. And everything ends up getting done. Thanks for stopping by! :-)

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