Creating a Silk Altar Cloth in Firey Colours

I’ve just finished creating a lovely silk satin altar cloth with very firey colours and mandala design. I added some golden-coppery metallic accents for a nice sparkle and then took some photos.

I’m sharing here with you both the finished item as well as an animated slideshow I created and posted on YouTube. Just click on the video screen to watch the animation.

I rather like how it turned out. Please watch and let me know what you think. This is an inspiration to create some more altar cloths for card readings. They perfectly complement my ‘Sea of Calm’ mandala oracle cards which you see here in the pictures.

Both the mandala card decks and the altar cloth are available to purchase. Please click on either of these links – Mandala oracle deckSilk altar cloth – or message me if you are interested. Thanks and enjoy. ?

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