Mandala Paintings

rainbow mandala fionastolze silkandart

Silk Mandala Soul Painting

A beautifully expressive soul mandala painting. One that captures the essence of who you are. Radiant rainbow colours emanate from the central mandala motif. If you would like something similar painted especially for you, please contact me to find out more. This silk panel measures 43cm (approx. 172) and is painted on silk crepe satin […]

silk mandala painting fionastolze silkandart

Spring Flower Mandala

This sweet little mandala is a fresh burst of colour, heralding the spring jsut around the corner. A mix of oranges, greens and purples with delicate buds about to bloom. I painted this using gold liner and silk paints on crepe satin silk. It features in my upcoming silk painting tutorial which shows step by […]

Bold Coloured Mandala with Gold Resist and Leaf Pattern

This is a silk mandala I created using a selection of very bold colours. The lines are drawn using gold resist and the individual areas painted in using professional steam set silk dyes. The painting shows examples of the salt technique as well as blending colours together and adding gold embellishments on top. Once completed […]

Lotus Silk Mandala Painting

This original OOAK (one-of-a-kind) mandala painting depicts a radiant fuchsia and pink lotus in full bloom at the centre of a sun mandala with yellow rays (see last photo). The lotus is the symbol of enlightenment and is ideal as a focus for meditation and calming the mind. This listing is for the silk panel […]