A Loving Hug with Pink Hearts and Valentine’s Love on Crepe de Chine Silk

I’m feeling really drawn to pink these days and love being able to fully express that through my silk art.


This latest piece was a batik silk with a mottled undercoat of 2 shades with lots of the natural silk shimmering through.

I next created a heart design using wax and gave the whole scarf an over coat of 3 different shades of pink.


The overall look is really soft, pretty and very heart-centred. A real heart chakra  opener.


The original which you see in these photos has already gone to its new home but if you’d like me to paint you one loosely based on this, check out the listing I have made: Made to Order Pink Hearts on Crepe de Chine Silk Scarf.

Heart scarf 3

Or why not contact me and chat about having a piece created totally unique to you. Speak to you soon.

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