‘Silk & Art embodies beauty and richness combined in exquisite, handpainted silk fabric.


Whatever your wish, we can create the perfect silk for you – whether a gorgeous flowing silk to drape around your body, a highly individualised silk work of art to hang on your wall or an original silk soft furnishing to enhance your living space.


Ask us and let’s make the magic happen.’


Welcome to the Silk & Art website. We’d like to invite you to take time to browse at leisure our dedicated blog, several photo galleries, slideshows and videos – a beautiful multi-media experience for you to enjoy and experience.


You will find many original silks on sale in various categories in the Silk & Art Shop but please do get in contact if you would like us to create your own bespoke silk created for you. We can take anything you see here as a starting point or even a creative spark you have in your mind’s eye.


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Bespoke Silks – Co-create a beautiful piece of luxury for yourself


silk chiffon scarf hand painted fuchsia pink silk shawl silk wrap fionastolze silkandartWould you love a bespoke silk created with love just for you, then why not browse the pages of this site and explore the wide selection of silks on offer.


You may well find inspiration for your own piece, whether a sheer silk shawl, a gorgeous sarong/wrap, a silk scarf to accessorise your work outfit or gorgeous yardage to have an individual silk outfit sewn from. The possibilities are endless.


Satin silk fabric 1 lores

Bespoke handpainted silk satin yardage


If you would love to have a silk created for you but just don’t know where to start, why not contact us so that we can co-create the piece of your dreams. Let’s find out what colours, motifs and fabric would best suit you and then let the magic begin.


Or why not take part in the process and book a couple of days with me to learn some silk painting techniques and actually get involved in creating your own yardage along with me. Please ask me for details.


Prices depend on silk quality, the length of yardage required and of course the intricacy of the design you would like painted on your silk. Whatever you decide on, one thing is sure. You will have a beautiful and unique silk that no one else on this planet has.  We look forward to creating with you. To take the first step, please send us an email: I’d love to co-create a bespoke silk




Recent News – I Created a Show-Stopping Shawl for Stevie Nicks

Talenthouse file - lores


I recently created a luscious silk shawl to submit in a competition hosted by Talenthouse. The brief was to create a show-stopping shawl for Stevie Nicks. The winner is to be personally selected by the amazing singer/musician herself and the runner up is to be chosen by public vote.


This is the piece I submitted and the public voting has now closed. Within the next two weeks Stevie Nicks will personally look at all the entries and select an outright winner to do a photoshoot with.


It was a delight to realise this design and I so I have collected the photos I took along the way and created the animated video you can see further up on this page. I will also be compiling a blog post to share the porcess with you in a very visual way. I always love to see the huge difference between the very first brush strokes and layer and then the final look.

This has definitely been a huge inspiration for me to explore creating further larger format silks with rich vibrant colours and intricate designs. And it has opened my mind to different possibilities of creating a shawl or wrap that can be freely worn as a piece of clothing.

If you would like your own shawl created in this style or with a completely different look, please get in touch so that we can make it all happen for you.

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